Links to Visuals

Friday, Jul. 1st 2016
As a follow-on to the last meeting, I’ve pasted links for Valerie’s and Derek’s visuals, and Andy Frith’s from December’s meeting. They’re on DropBox, but you shouldn’t need to create an account to view or download; I’ve road-tested these a couple of times without a problem, but be advised Andy’s talk is ginormous at 600-odd mb so you may need to set aside a portion of your day for it to materialise! Hopefully it should be worth the wait.
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Meeting at the Lighthouse

Monday, Jun. 27th 2016

Thanks very much to Creative Exchange members who came along to Glasgow’s Lighthouse on Friday 24th. It was an enjoyable meeting, with speakers Valerie Carr from Snook and Derek Green from Gawr-Juhs, and a good many nominations to our Committee. The winner of the coveted prize for best piece of members’ work was Sheila Mulligan from Inverclyde Council. Minutes of the meeting are available here.

Sheila_Derek Valerie Derek_II Derek_I

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Next Membership Meeting

Friday, Jun. 10th 2016

The next membership meeting of the Creative Exchange is set for 24th June at 11:00 at The Lighthouse in Glasgow. I’ll send directions and an agenda nearer the time. We’re looking forward to having with us Derek Green of Gawr-juhs, who will be focusing on demonstrating type-design and generation. The Glasgow School of Art Degree Show will be exhibiting, and we intend to make a visit to the School of Design there part of our day, and of course lunch will be provided.

It will also be our Annual General Meeting, so there will be the chance to join the Committee (by election), which is a great opportunity to have a say on the way we work as a network of Scottish public-sector creative people. As we said at the last meeting, we’d love to welcome as many members as possible, so please consider joining us: we meet three times a year, and do our best to be flexible re. dates and venues to suit most members.

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