Come in, Portland…

05/06/18 5:32 PM

Some great pics from Alan Inglis of last Friday’s meeting at the DCA, Dundee. Fun, informative, great CPD-value too, at a great venue. Thanks to all who came. Photo’s show our newly-expanded Committee, our morning visit to the DCA print studio, our fun Skype interview with Graphic Means director Briar Levit, the launch of our Two-Year Review designed by Stephen Malaney from the S Lanarkshire Council design team, David’s standing-down as Secretary to be replaced by East Lothian’s Louise Stewart, and the presentation of a bottle-of-wine prize to Dundee University’s design team for their impressive yearbook.

Committee 01 06 18 Print_Studio_04 _1040685 _1040670 _1040666 _1040661 copy _1040658_1040677 _1040657 _1040652 _1040651 _1040649 Print_Studio_07 Print_Studio_02 Print_Studio_01 DCA_General_Liz Briar_05 Briar_01 Applause_General

Posted by David White