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The Creative Exchange is Scotland’s network for public-sector Graphic Designers, Photographers and associated creative professionals. Since 1998 it has played a key role in promoting in-house graphic design and photography across a wide range of public sector organisations, with members attending from local authorities, hospitals, museums and galleries, universities and colleges, charities etc. Meetings are held four times a year to exchange ideas and discuss a variety of issues, developing ideas, exchanging information and gaining inspiration from each other, their work, and invited creative industry speakers. It aims to be of maximum value in contributing to its members’ continuing professional development (CPD).

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In order to gain access to certain areas of the site, you will need to register and create a Membership Account. Membership will give you secure access to the following:

1: Create a profile and share with the community
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Membership represents great value and valuable CPD: Check out the Membership Rates below and Register

Membership fees have been revised for 2017-18 [the first time since 2008]. Invoices usually go out in May. Interested in applying? Contact the Secretary, David White.

Rates for 2017-18 are based on a flat £100 per member, with 40% discount for third and subsequent members:

1 member: £100 [unchanged from 2008]
Team with 2 members: £200 [a £25 reduction from 2008's rates]
Team with 3 members: £260
Team with 4 members: £320
Team with 5 members: £380
Team with 6 members: £440
Team with 7 members: £500
Team with 8 members: £560
1 Individual member £30 [freelancers or retired members no longer working in public sector organisations, but must have done so for at least six months]

    • Fabulous Beeb

      We enjoyed a great visit to the BBC on Friday 9th March, including a presentation from the BBC’s graphics team,

    • Nearly at Auntie’s

      Looking forward to this week’s membership meeting at BBC Pacific Quay. Thanks to all who booked – the take-up was

    • Visiting BBC Scotland in March

      We’re very pleased to say the next membership meeting, on Friday 9th March, will be at BBC Scotland’s Pacific Quay